5 Practical Habits For Happiness, Health and Wellness

It’s really all we want in life, right? To be happy, healthy and well (in every sense of the word)? I know it is for me. Life can sometimes have a way at eating at you with the smallest things. One person takes your parking space, another ate your last cookie at work, the person next to you on the highway decided to merge from the fast lane to the exit and take your soul with him….etc. Happiness, health and wellness should not be something that just happens to other people.

You have the right to these things too! And here are just 5 practical habits to achieve and maintain them.


Meditation is key for clarity and inner peace. Give it a try!

The benefits of meditation are priceless. Have you ever just stopped everything and sat in silence? If not, you should try it. It can be a game changer for your daily stress.

Meditation can be done in many ways. Some are mantra based in which you repeat a focal sentence or word to block everything else out and concentrate. Others can just involve sitting in silence (my favorite lol).

  • Some excellent benefits of meditation are:
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Concentration
  • Increased Self Awareness
  • Improved Reaction To Reality
  • Overall Immune Health

Give meditation a chance. It can be a challenge to sit in silence or use a mantra, but it’s worth it. With patience and practice, you will see your life change over time to a more peaceful state.


Exercise can give you a whole new level of confidence and discipline.

I talk a lot about exercise, but that’s only because I feel like it’s a necessity in life. Whether it’s walking, running, bike riding, hiking, weight lifting or yoga, some form of physical activity must be done to help you achieve happiness, health and wellness. Your health is your wealth.

  • Some benefits of exercise are:
  • It helps to control your weight
  • Improves your mood
  • Helps fight ailments and disease
  • Boosts your overall energy
  • Can help increase social interaction

Drink Lots of Water

Water is the best fluid for your body because your body is made of water (at least 60% anyway). It’s a pretty simple concept: if you’re putting out more water than you’re taking in, you will become dehydrated.

Ever been dehydrated?

Yeah…it’s not fun at all. Headaches, cramps, nausea, etc….

  • Some of the best benefits of drinking water are:
  • Helps maintain the balance of your other body fluids
  • Helps energize your muscles and maintain elasticity
  • Great for the health and appearance of your skin
  • Helps in toxin removal

Show  Gratitude

In order to achieve happiness, health and wellness, you must show gratitude. Giving thanks for everything you have is the only way to let the universe know that it’s delivering for you.

Show gratitude everyday. You won’t have time to focus on the negative.

Think of it this way…

If you’re at work and your boss asks you if there is anything you need to make your job and your time at the company more comfortable, you tell them, and nothing. You give them a stone face.

Well your boss might say

“Ok, not one ‘thank you’ from the employees about the new kitchen in the break room. Not one ‘thank you’ from anyone about the pay raise. And not one ‘thank you’ for the extended vacation.”

“Ok….fine! They don’t get anything else they ask for from this point on!”

So if it can go like this at your job, imagine how the universe would deal with you.

  • Some of the benefits of showing gratitude are:
  • Improves psychological health
  • Opens up the path for more blessings
  • Makes you a better person to your friends and family
  • Constantly reminds you that you’re blessed

Exercise Self Discipline

I once heard Denzel Washington say that nothing is achieved in life without Discipline and Consistency. I heard another wise man say that “Discipline is Divine”. They are both right.

Discipline is the life blood of all success and Nothing is achieved without it. Yes you might have a lot of aspirations in life to do many things. However, if you don’t implement discipline into your lifestyle, they will remain as just that. A lot of aspirations, but nothing to bridge you to them.

Some key benefits of self discipline are:

  • Helps with impulsive behavior
  • Defeats laziness and procrastination
  • Helps you push through, even when you don’t want to
  • Pulls you away from draining distractions
  • Filters throughout your entire life


Happiness, health and wellness are always within your reach. And these are just 5 ways to get you closer to them. So which one will you start with? Which of the above are you already doing? I’d like to know.


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