5 Ways To Keep Your Workouts Interesting

fitness8Every now and then (especially this time of year), it becomes harder to keep your health and fitness regimen in check. You still might be shaking off some of that holiday sluggishness and the last thing you want to do after a long day at work in the Winter, is hit the gym or workout when you get home.

This is, however, the most crucial time you should get up and at em. Here are 5 ways to keep your workouts interesting so you don’t fall completely off.

1. Try a new workout plan – It’s not written in stone that you have to stick to the same workout regimen for the rest of your life. When you’re feeling like you need to switch it up from the normal routine, by all means, do so. If you’re a traditional gym rat, try a form of martial arts instead. If you’re a martial artist, try a kettle bell routine.

This will stimulate the mind and muscle. You’re muscles love new activity, so do something that will make your body say “Whoa!”

2. Add a Workout Partner – Sometimes all you need is a little company. If you work out like a lone warrior, that’s great. But there’s nothing like a motivator to keep you going. Bring your spouse or your best friend to the gym with you for an incentive. What better way to spend time with that special someone than doing a fitness activity together.

Or getting a workout group of your closest friends to chat and hang out with while you get into shape.

3. Create a soundtrack for your workout – The Rocky theme is the Rocky theme for a reason. Motivational music can be essential for those times when you just Do Not feel like working out. We are in a beneficial time of technology so take advantage of it. Now you can make a playlist, upload it to your iPod and rock. Music is a great motivator.

Tip: Start your motivational playlist Before you even start your workout. This way you’re already pumped.

4. Make it Competitive – This coincides with #2. Having a workout partner is great to help pass the time, but even more so for a little friendly competition. If you’re on the track, make it interesting with your buddy doing some wind sprints. If you train in a martial art, your friends make the best sparring partners.

If you don’t have anyone who shares a passion for fitness the way you do, you can take up a recreational sport to stay in shape. There are always leagues and clubs to get involved with in any kind of activity to get good spirited competitive physical fitness.

interesting workout25. Change your surrounding – This is one of my favorites and a rather easy one to do. Sometimes all you need is a little change of scenery to keep your workout interesting. The treadmill is great for a rainy day or during the winter season. But when it’s 70 degrees outside, the sun is shining and the air is clear you need to head out that trail and go for a run (or walk).

Any workout you do indoors is twice as fulfilling outside on a great day.

So how do you keep your workout interesting? Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, Tai Chi?  Please share and leave a comment below.

3 Crucial Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga for health and wellness

You may very well know what yoga looks like, but it offers so much more when you delve into the meaning and benefits that it gives you for health and wellness.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means union of the mind, body and spirit. While it has many physical benefits, it can actually filter throughout your life and have a tremendous positive effect on your well being.

More relaxation, better sleep, better focus in tense situations, better posture and an inner peace are just a few benefits that scratch the surface.

More Relaxation For Better Sleep – Life can be full of stress, from the minute we wake up in the morning until the minute we lay back down at night. Family, bills, work and dealing with many different personalities throughout the day can take a tremendous toll on your inner peace.

The breathing techniques of Yoga are great stress relievers in that they help remove negative feelings and emotions from your mind. 15 minutes of yoga breathing daily can help you prepare for the day, and find that peaceful calm at the end of the day.

The breathing techniques of yoga, however, do not have to be limited to a single yoga session. Yoga breathing can be done anywhere, any place and anytime. This especially comes in handy during those stressful times at work.

Yoga has been known to reduce muscle tension, calm the mind and slow the heart rate. These are all very important for getting a good night sleep.

It’s up to you when you choose to do yoga, but in terms of better rest, doing yoga an hour before you go to sleep can work wonders for how you wake up the following morning.

Calms The Mind – As stated before, yoga calms the mind. It’s chaos of the mind that ages us prematurely. It’s chaos of the mind that stresses us out, causes us to medicate and indulge in things that eventually hurt us in the long run. And it’s chaos of the mind that causes us to lose sleep, slouch, over eat and spiral into an indulgence of destructive thinking and behavior.

Studies have shown that a few sessions of yoga per week increase work productivity, better sleep patterns and an overall functionality of the body.

Better Posture – The standing and sitting postures of yoga are outstanding for developing core strength and better overall posture. Your core strength is in many ways directly related to your lower back, which is the base for good posture. Movements like downward facing dog are great for stretching your spine while the interchanging involved in the position has a contracting effect on your core.

Slouching has never been good for the back and it has been said by many that people feel a difference in their breathing and posture shortly after a few sessions.

Figuring out how to turn the noise off in the mind is the key to inner serenity and yoga can be an aid to do this very thing.