Why You Should Start Your New Year Everyday Of The Year

new years hangeoverHealth and Wellness is Life, Not a Resolution

I was never into New Years Resolutions that much, but I have made some in the past. What sticks out to me when thinking about some of them is the anticipation of actually kicking them into full gear. From late November to late December I would eat whatever I wanted and make decisions to skip workouts because a new year was coming and I was gonna be hard edged about my regimen at the stroke of midnight on January 1st.

I would even neglect keeping my house in order and get a little disorganized. All because I knew that a new year was right around the corner and I was gonna be even more focused than the last.

But what happened when I went about it this way? The same thing that usually happens to all of us.


The new year comes, we wake up motivated and on fire to improve, it lasts for a couple of days, maybe weeks…and then we stop.

But why do we stop?!

I have my theories as you might.

Here’s my main theory.

The anticipation of the resolution to improve is bigger than the desire to improve. When we want to use fitness to improve our health and wellness, we set a mark in time and start from that point. Then when the excitement is gone, so is our motivation. When we want to start eating right, we set a mark in time (usually after a holiday where food plays an intricate part), start from that point and then we stop.

This can be a vicious cycle that can filter throughout our lives and, before you know it, put us in a tailspin of:

“I need to…”

“Starting on (this date)….I’m gonna do this”

“My new years resolution is to….”.

So with that being the case, why not just make everyday of your life a “New Years Day”?!

Think about it!

Every morning you wake up, you have something you want to improve, sustain, grow, work towards or accomplish because it’s “New Years” and it’s time to get it right!

Use that motivation to keep the consistency going on a daily basis and watch the magic happen.


It’s all about a change of attitude, lifestyle and the way you think. Success is about making small changes Everyday to see LARGE results over time.

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