Self Discipline: 10 Mind Tricks To Master Yourself

What is your definition of self discipline and how would you build it for yourself?

Self Discipline Adds Proper Rhythm To Your Life

The idea of self discipline has always been an elastic and dynamic thing to me. It can come in the form of a singular task or a lifestyle management tool.

But one thing to be sure of is it’s the key to building a system of structure, organization and execution. Think of any kind of system or company that you know of as being top notch efficient. These are the elements they are consisted of.

In my opinion, SELF discipline is the foundation for everything in life and in between. As a child, that is the first challenge.

  1. Make up your bed
  2. Clean up your room
  3. Take out the garbage
  4. Wash the dishes
  5. Brush your teeth before bed
  6. Go to bed at your bedtime
  7. Do your chores

It Was All For A Purpose

Thus, all of these are given to the youth to build character and discipline…acts of discipline to take you through your life in a productive way.

However, in reality discipline is possibly one of the hardest things to maintain if it’s not engrained in you for a time. You have to be consistent in your efforts or it won’t stick and become habit forming.

How often have you made a “resolution” to work out, eat right or be on time for your All of your appointments?

Then dozens of distractions and unforeseen circumstances get in the way of that.

Nonetheless, self discipline can be a key to change your circumstances and get on the winning side of life.

Check out this video on 10 mind tricks to master your self discipline from the good people over at TopThink.

Therefore, the only way to stop being lazy is to put correction to it by Action. But make sure you really plan it out. Start with doing an inventory of your daily routine. Write down everything you do from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed.

Doing this will provide you with an idea of what to improve on the most.

Also, you will start to get clarity of what you’ve been doing wrong all of this time and know how to put correction to it.

All You Have To Do Is Do It!

Finally, start holding yourself accountable for what you find with yourself. You have to look at yourself with an honest perspective on how you’ve been doing things.

Besides, there is no judge or jury here. This is Your life and you are taking control of it. Check out the video and let me know what you think.


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