Negative Thinking Is The Devil

Negative Thinking Is The Devil
If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

I’ve struggled with negative thinking all my life (or so I’ve been told). I wasn’t always this way. It think it started sometime in high school…I just got into this cycle of expecting bad things to happen.

What I didn’t realize, that I realize now, is there REALLY is something to this.

Thoughts are Things.”

-I don’t know who said it

Thoughts are, indeed, Things. Think about it. Everything that you see in the world today originated as a thought in someone’s mind. The place you work was a thought before it was built and you were able to walk into it.

The place you live was an idea before it was built and you could eat and sleep in it.

That flat screen television was a thought when you were still watching a tube.


If all of those things were thoughts before they manifested into a material thing….why couldn’t it be the same for negative thinking?

So the first time I heard this notion I decided to test it out.

Here’s what I Found (Sort Of)

I have a thing with stop lights. It seems that I’m always the one to get caught at a stop light while everyone is able to make the green and yellow and continue living out their lives.

But not I.

I’ve mastered the art of changing the color green to red.

Anyway, this notion that all red lights were meant for me was driving me crazy until one day I decided to try changing my thought.

I said “What if I look at these red lights as something saving me from a car accident up ahead, instead of another traffic obstacle that was put on this earth, Only for me?”

Just that switch in thought….the idea that I’m not so unique that I hog all the red lights in the world made me feel something different.

I’m not saying it cured me of that negative thought overnight, but it made me stop and look at the thought from another perspective.

Now when I get caught at a red light, without the negative mentality, I look at practical things.

Do I give myself enough time when I leave to go to my destination so a couple of red lights isn’t a factor?

How do I know that there wasn’t Really an accident waiting for me up ahead and the light saved my life?

Maybe now the floor at work will be dry when I walk in and I won’t slip and fall in front of everybody in the lobby.

The Change In Perspective Will Change Your Negative Thinking

It’s impossible to Not have negative thoughts in life. The world is filled with negativity.

But in case you forgot…..

It’s also filled with a lot of positive things as well.

Don’t be so quick to ALWAYS go to the negative side of things!

(That statement above was me talking to myself out loud)

There’s always a reason we get delayed, or don’t get that job we wanted, or don’t wind up with that crush.

We may not like the reason, but in a lot of ways we can always trace it back the notion of something better is in store for us, or there is something that we did or didn’t do to reach that outcome.

And that’s a good thing because if it’s the formal, all you have to do is be patient.

If it’s the latter, there’s room for improvement to the cause.

In conclusion….

If you’ve struggled with negative thinking like I have, this new idea can take a lot of time and effort to put into practice.

This is why you should just start with eliminating the negative thoughts, even if you can’t think positive yet.

Just start there! And be a better friend to yourself and allow patience. This is a new thought process.

What are some of your methods of dealing with negative thinking?

What triggers your negative thoughts?

Let me know!


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