The Value of Persistence – Keep F’ing Going!

the value of persistence
if you’ve gone far but not far enough, persistence will keep your sanity intact.

Before You Quit, Remember Why You Started

I’d like to talk about the value of persistence. The quote above was a “jewel” that was given to me a few years ago when I was in some really dark times. I pass it along to people every now and then when I see person caught in that mid-point of:

“Is what I’m doing even really working?”

“Maybe I should just try something else. It’s not happening as fast as when the other guy did it.”

“If it was going to happen for me, it surely should’ve happened by now!”

The reason I pass this jewel along to those I feel might need it, is because I SURELY needed it when it was given to me.

One of the worst feelings in the world is to be in a state of uncertainty. To have a passion to want to do something, to go about it a little bit, but get frustrated because you don’t see any movement right away.

The fear and doubt set in, you start looking around at other people who are in motion and then you 2nd guess yourself and your Own goals.

Then you want to abandon Your dreams and aspirations and take on someone else’s just because you see movement.

It doesn’t make any sense when you step back and look at the idea of these actions, but it is damn sure easy to fall into this counterproductive cycle.

So the solution to quitting….remember the value of persistence.


Remember Why You Started It

When you find yourself in doubt of your goals and aspirations and you want to quit, remember the Feeling you had the day you decided to act on it.

Think about the enthusiasm you had when you told your best friend about your idea.

Remember how it felt to you when you first saw your ideas on paper (or screen) and how Real it was.

Reflect on the feeling, the situation, the burning desire to change your present ways that sparked this need for a new way.

As all of the greats advise, write down your vision and keep it someplace commonly visible to you. Put it on your wall, your bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, anywhere you are guaranteed to see it multiple times a day.

This will reinforce your desire to continue and keep your Reason at the top of mind and in front of you.

Consistency is one of the hardest habits to build. It can be tiresome sometimes, tedious, dull and never ending.

But it is worth its weight in gold once you have attained it and made it part of your creed.

The Ability to be consistent stems from the other pillar of success: Discipline

Discipline is the very thing that enables you to be consistent. I once heard a wise man say that discipline is an expression of God. Everything in nature runs on discipline and consistency.

The sun rises and sets every day….The earth rotates every second of every day….The seasons change 4 times every year.

Discipline. Consistency.

Lastly On The Value Of Persistence……

Whenever we start something, it’s usually because the seed of thought had a bit of love in it. It had some kind of incentive for you that lit a fire to manifest.

This is the very thing you need to keep close to you at all times to keep fanning those flames.

Never lose sight of that thing that gets you up in the morning, that keeps you going back, and back no matter how hard it gets. Always make the value of persistence a high priority.

Before you quit, REMEMBER why you started.


Wake Up Productive – Starting Your Day Right

wake up productive - starting your day right.
There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up, ready to destroy your to-do-list.

One of the biggest challenges that I have, and have heard from others, is the inability to wake up productive and motivated. I’ve experimented with many different methods, read a lot of books and articles looking for the “same truth” in every suggestion and I’m going to list some things that have worked for me.

As always you should be a scientist with these methods and test them for yourself. We each have a unique set of obstacles to deal with when we wake up in the morning (kids, meal prep, scheduling changes, weather conditions, traffic, etc…) and these are just a few ways to make yourself more functional and efficient in the morning.

Prepare Your Mind The Night Before

I’ve been experimenting with listening to positive and productive lectures before bedtime. These lectures come in the form of Youtube videos, podcasts and recordings that come in formats that predate the digital revolution lol.

What I’ve been noticing is how I Feel in the morning when I do this and comparing that feeling to the mornings I don’t. I feel more focused, motivated to tackle my challenges and the negative chatter that I usually have is at a bare minimum if present at all.

This is due to the programming I’ve done to my subconscious the night before. If you go to sleep with thoughts of positivity, productivity and the notion to embrace the challenges ahead, it keeps the negative self defeating inner talk at bay.

Here are one of my favorites to listen to

If you can’t find anything to listen to that motivates you, it’s perfectly okay. Reach for a book if you prefer quiet reading before bed.

Prepare Your Body The Night Before To Wake Up Productive

A calm mind Always makes for a much better night sleep. It’s almost a requirement to truly wake up productive.

How do you calm your mind?


Most of the time when people think of meditation, they think of an elaborate setting of sitting in a difficult position trying to levitate and make their body glow to perfection.

In reality meditation is the absence of thought and the chaotic noise that usually occupies the mind. This noise can often reach an unbearable pitch when we lay down at night to sleep.

A simple meditation can involve focusing on your breathing and nothing more. You don’t have to get into a lotus position in a silk garment (although if you have a silk garment and feel like it will put you in a better mental space, by all means do so).

Just breathe in and out, calm your mind and do your best to empty your thoughts.

Have you ever heard of the ancient meditative practice of Chi Gong?

If not….check out this video!

Pre-empt Your Unpredictability

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

-Louis Pasteur

When I was a kid, my mother was always telling me to get my clothes laid out for school in the morning.

Imagine how I felt, being right in the middle of a difficult part of my favorite video game, being told stop what I’m doing and start ironing and folding!

Then I have to get my lunch ready (or make sure my lunch money was in my pocket), pack up my book bag and sit it at the door, and finally straighten up my room.

Crazy, right?!


What she was doing was teaching me to be prepared for the morning so it wouldn’t be a struggle. The more I prepared myself the night before, the more productive I could be in the morning, thereby lessening my challenges.

It’s easy to forget that those simple things that work so well in childhood, can work just as well in adulthood. So…..

-Prepare your clothes

-Do your meal prep

-Check the weather

….Whatever your life situation calls for you to be more prepared at the top of the morning, do so.

Get In Front Of Your Time, Not Behind It

Waking up productive can happen a lot simpler when you take control of your time in the morning. The ideas mentioned above can be executed a lot easier when you take control of your time in the morning.

Trying new things can take time to become second nature, so it will be a good idea to set your alarm clock earlier than you normally would.

The most perfect plans in history have not gone off without a hitch, so why should yours?

With this being said, you have no idea how your new strategies are going to effect what you and everyone else are used to. So give yourself an extra 30 minutes in the morning to make adjustments on the fly if need be.

Not only is this a benefit to your execution, it gives you a feeling of tranquility.

Here’s an example:

How often have you found yourself “ahead” of schedule?

Do you notice the feeling you get when you have ample time to do something your either close to completing or have already completed?

The feeling of ease that comes over you is priceless!

I remember how that used to feel in college when I had an assignment done with 2 weeks left to spare.

Finally To Wake Up Productive…

To wake up productive means to set the tone for your day and, when done consistently, your daily life.

Start small.

Tonight before you go to bed, read or listen to something with a positive message. Something that you know your soul needs to hear before you shut it down for the night.

It could be just one paragraph, a page or, if you’re really feeling the vibe, a chapter.

Then, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than your normally wake up.

When you wake up in the morning with that extra 10 minutes, do something to set the tone for your day (meditation, more positive reading, sit in silence and reflect on what you’re thankful for)…..

And observe the difference.

What are some ways you use to wake up productive?

Let me know!

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