Weight Training: The Beginners Guide

weight training: the beginners guide
This pandemic does Not have to be the death of your weight training.

To keep things rolling in the spirit of fitness, I have another great video I want to share with you about weight training. But first, let me set it up for you.

A lot of you who are stuck in the house from COVID-19 have, at this point, reserved back into your basic calisthenics routines or your home gym.

I know it sucks to an extent, but most of us got our starts working out from home so it’s just a simple return to the basics.

Now some of you might never have worked out a day in your life, and are officially about to start. What better time to do that than now I might add.

When this pandemic is over (and it Will end eventually), think about where you will be when that time comes with so many months of hard training under your belt.

Visualize the reactions you will get from people who have known you for years and have to jump back in reaction to your new, much hard earned physique.

And this is who I’m speaking to in particular. I’m speaking to you, who are just beginning your fitness journey. There are a lot of things I wish I had known before I did my first calisthenic set. There were a lot of preparatory principles I wish I knew before I walked into a gym.

How You Start Your Weight Training Journey Will Determine How You Progress

This is why I want to share this video with you by Mike Thurston. He touches on points such as learning proper form and to move a weight you can handle before overload.

He also touches on the importance of doing everything outside of the gym that compliments your time In the gym. So without further or due, let’s get to the video by one of the UK’s best trainers.

Check out his wisdom and let me know what you think.

Build Self Control – 10 Simple Ways (#3 Is Crucial)

build self control - 10 simple steps
Earthly control is an illusion…but Mental control is the key to your universe.

Do you know how to build self control? Control is a word that I’ve always heard mixed feelings about. I’ve heard that:

“None of us are in control because we’re on a giant ball in space, spinning at a few thousand miles an hour, so what’s the point?”

I’ve also heard:

“You must maintain control in your life at All times if you want to make it out here.”

So I generally agree with both actually. I do believe that we have absolutely no control in the fate of the planet and its universal orbit. I also believe, however, that you have complete control over the choices you make on a daily basis.

So I found this video from a Youtube channel I follow called Top Think. I watch videos from this channel all the time but this one is special, especially in these current times.

How To Build Self Control

It’s on building self control in 10 simple ways.

Simple ways such as:

-Setting standards

-Finding your locus of control

-Rearranging your priorities

-Monitoring your progress

-Rerouting your control, etc

Topics like this always resinate with me because self control is something that I’ve struggled with in different aspects of my life.

There are a lot of ways people struggle to build self control, but with me it was always in the context of prioritization.

When I was a kid, I lacked the self control to do my homework and study. So I chose to watch too much television.

When I knew I could eat what my mom made, I lacked the self control to stay out of the pizzeria.

And I lacked the control to skip those college parties when I knew I should’ve been studying.

These habits carried into my early adulthood and they costs me lots of opportunities as a result. This is why I’m a big advocate of practicing self control.

It will really change your life.

Number 3, for example, touches on the importance of the “Doing” mentality vs the “Trying” mentality.

It’s amazing how much a word change can open up a different kind of motivational attitude. Check it out and let me know what you think.

How To Build Muscle At Home

how to build muscle at home
This is just as good a time as any to be building muscle at home.

It’s More Fun Than You Might Think

How do you build muscle at home in these times? We are still in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be over for quite a while.

I’d just like to say keep strong, remain vigilant, stay in your homes as much as you can and keep your body moving in the meantime.

I found another home fitness workout that I’d like to share with you. Seeing that we’re going to be in this for a while I don’t see why I can’t just share these as I find them.

There is never too much you can do when it comes to being creative with your home workouts….as long you’re being safe in the process.

Before I got into the gym life I worked out all of the time at home, so trust me when I tell you you can be very productive with a little creativity.

My favorite exercises to do in the beginning of those times were traditional calisthenics. Pushups, pull-ups, dips, planks and crunches done in different variations.

I love different variations of the basics is so you can compound and bundle different exercises together. This helps to shock the muscle when your equipment/resources are limited.

The videos I share will be just that…a variation of ideas to do calisthenics in push, pull, upper, lower methods.

Building Muscle At Home With Jeremy Ethier

Today’s video is by Jeremy Ethier, certified by NASM and FMS (functional movement screening). His video tutorials are among the elite in health and fitness.

Check out his method on how to build muscle at home. Let me know what you think of his approach.

Also, let me know what you might add to his plan.

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