The Transformation Workout of Method Man

The transformation workout of Method Man
Look at Method Man, a natural ectomorph. If he can do it, so can we!


Have you seen Method Man’s transformation workout yet? Method Man is without a doubt on of the greatest MCs to ever touch a microphone. Endless hits such as Bring The Pain, All I Need featuring Mary J. Blige and How High have found their way to millions of fans world wide.

Now with that being said, the Method Man I grew up on was fueled by the advocacy of getting high off of some of the best weed and nice off of that hood liquor.

“I got fat bags of skunk, I got White Owl Blunts and I’m about to go get lifted, yes I’m about to go get lifted.”

“I got myself a 40, I got myself a shorty and I’m about to go and st*ck it, yes I’m about to go and st*ck it…”

Now this is not to say you can’t be in shape and do these things. You can….but don’t make the illusion that working out will protect you from the ills of these activities (especially if done in abundance).

Method Man is a certified legend and he has clearly evolved into a more health conscious guy. Does he still smoke weed? Probably. Does he still have a drink or 3? Most likely.

But we have to salute the brother and his fitness/lifestyle transformation.

Method Man (Clifford Smith) is still a young man at 49 but he’s no “spring chicken” anymore. I commend him and others like him who have the self awareness to pivot into a healthier lifestyle at a later time in life than not at all.

Let me be clear: It’s NEVER too late to transform yourself!

I’ve learned this over the past few years on my own journey.

But the longer you wait to do so, it can provide more of a challenge.

Method Man’s Transformation Workout

Back in August, Men’s Health did a feature on the Ticalion Stallion looking in on his early morning workout and he’s giving people half his age a run for their money.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Salute Meth to your transformation workout! Let’s Go!

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