Home Fitness Workout! 30 Lbs. Dumbbell Workout

home fitness workout! 30 lbs dumbbell workout
For as long as we have to, we make the best of it.

A Good Home Fitness Workout To The Rescue!

While more gyms close around the world (mine is still open for now), I thought it would be fitting to stay on the topic of a good home fitness workout.

I’ve seen friends on social media really getting creative with some of the exercises they’re doing and I love it! One friend of mine did an IG story in her living room and out of nowhere came a barbell, in which she started doing Good Mornings right there on the spot lol.

This is the kind of ingenuity that is being showcased all over right now, and I’m all for it. I look at it as a way for all of us to keep each other inspired and motivated.

This is a home fitness workout by Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and power lifter Jeff Nippard. It further goes into the variety of exercises you can do in your own home with no equipment.

Persevere and Persist

There’s no telling how long we’re gonna be locked out of our second homes, so we might as well make the very best of it from our first homes. Remember, your muscles respond to resistance, so it doesn’t matter how you get it. Just make sure you Get it.

If you’ve never been into home fitness, be patient with yourself. This can be a little weird and awkward in the beginning, but just focus on proper form and consistency. Let those 2 factors determine when/if you go up in resistance.

Please continue to be extremely careful out here in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic we are in. It can’t last forever, and if we continue to use good judgement, practice social distancing and stay clean and hygienically sound, we WILL get through this.

What are some of your favorite exercises in your home fitness routine?

Let me know!


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