Budget Your Pleasures

What I Mean

When it comes to health and wellness, you must look at your body like a small economy. Just like in a regular economy, spending too much money on the the wrong (or right) thing can leave a depletion of resources for something else.

In a regular economy, spending too much money even on the right thing, can leave a depletion of resources for another area.

The same holds true for the human body, mind and spirit, which is why it is necessary to budget your pleasures. Our pleasures, although very necessary for a fulfilling life, can be a detriment when we spend too much time and energy on them, by which neglecting other (and maybe a little less fun) necessities in life.

I’ll explain.

It is a pleasure of mine to indulge in junk food. Big surprise, right? But what happens when I indulge in it too much, neglecting my nutrition? Very, VERY bad things. Heart attack, shortness of breathe, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes….etc, etc.

Therefore, it is crucial to budget my pleasure of junk food so I can enjoy it and not kill myself in the process.

This is why I designate my indulgence of these foods around the holiday season. I was explaining to a friend the other day how, to me, it is pointless to binge on cookies, cakes, pies and other sweets any other time of the year except for the holiday season.


Because all of the best stuff comes out at that time of the year anyway. To eat that stuff year around is just pointless and VERY dangerous to my health.

Not to mention it takes away from the joy of it when it becomes a regular thing.

I say wait until you can get the best of it, know your limit and then Cut It OFF!

Now that’s just dealing with a small aspect of nutrition. Let me show you how it can apply to the rest of your life in terms of mind, body and spirit.


I love watching television! I used to wish there was a career where I could just sit around and watch television all day (I know you can get jobs doing something like this, but they don’t pay enough lol).

But to sit around and watch television all day won’t get me where I need/want to be in life. You either. So….set a budget for your tube time. You’d be surprised how much you can get done if you just shut if off, or maybe even take a couple of days out of the week where you don’t turn it on at all.

Try this to start:

Take on hour of each day to voluntarily cut off the television and do something that contributes toward a life aspiration. Exercise, reading to elevate your consciousness, taking up an art to stimulate your brain, starting a business to make more money…..something else other than your normal tube time.

Try it and see how you feel.


While watching television, this usually involves sitting on your ass in the process.


What if, instead of sitting or laying down, you sat in lotus position? Or you stood in Wuji (standing meditative posture)? Or you exercise during every commercial break?

Your pleasure of watching television just got re-budgeted into something much more rewarding!

You’re not missing out on your pleasure of watching television. You’ve just revised your budget to include something productive to your well being.


Don’t save your pleasure for self help books and programs for when you need self help. Make them a part of your everyday routine. What we define as a good day can often mean that no one challenged us or told us we were wrong.

Therefore, a bad day would be defined as the opposite of that. In this case you want to increase your pleasure budget of self help material to get in front of a bad day before it happens.

Another example for the spirit would be lowering your pleasure of being sedentary and budgeting in some meditation time. Meditation is probably one fo the most overlooked things we can do in society today.

The idea of slowing everything down and sitting in stillness. You’d be amazed at the benefits.

What are some ways that you think you can budget your pleasures? I’d love to hear them!

Be well

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