Consistency – A Tool For Health and Wellness

Consistency - A Tool For Health and Wellness
The most consistent thing you will ever do in life.

The Meaning Of Consistency

Consistency is defined as: conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.

In everyday practice and profession and life, it is doing something over and over again until it becomes unconscious action.

It’s easy to see consistency in the paradigm of sports…practice, practice and more practice until you get it.

Same thing with learning an instrument, academics, the arts, and definitely in your life of health and wellness.

But here’s, what some would consider to be the rub….

It takes consistency to develop consistency.


You actually have to be consistent in your effort to develop consistency, which is what makes it one of the most difficult traits to acquire and keep.

I know….I know…it’s some trippy shit.

This is why you need to be realistic (and patient) with yourself and go by the old adage of: One day at a time.

Every colossal structure you ever saw started with one block, one hammer, one nail, one sheet of paper to start the design. You build consistency the exact same way.

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier about being consistent and she told me that one of her biggest challenges is the fear of not following through, therefore not trying or stopping.

…does this sound like you?

I told her I could relate. I thought of times when I had failed to establish a rhythm in a habit I was trying to build (or break), which led to my discouragement and ultimately giving up, therefore taking my consistency to inconsistency.

And I shared with her the benefit of sometimes breaking down a process to little pieces, therefore making it easier to establish a rhythm.

For example…..

Think of the game of basketball. In basketball you need to practice if you have any hopes of getting good, right?

Well practice for some can be the most difficult thing to commit to. You have to show up, run, do suicide drills, run stadium steps, layup drills, free throws, run plays…..etc.

Instead of looking at practice in a daunting totality, break it up into pieces and Only focus on those pieces at a time. Separate the parts that make up the whole.

I’ll apply it to health and wellness.

Many times eating right, exercising and feeding your mind with positive principles can seem impossible to be consistent with.

But just like basketball practice, you need to take it one step at a time and after that, just focus on the very next step.

I keep a white board.

What the white board has done is help me to look at my regimens, tasks and goals in totality, and break them down into tiny pieces of actions. Actions that are achievable on a daily basis to help me build consistency with what I have to do.

So instead of looking at my day of running errands, going to the gym, meetings and writing, I can see each of these things separately so they don’t intimidate me.

Seeing the big picture, breaking the picture up into pieces and finishing one piece at a time is a system that has worked for me.

Lastly on Consistency….

In conclusion, there is a saying going around these days that goes: “Greatness is a process”

The process is learning, planning, implementing…..and being consistent with that process.

Try this in one aspect of your life. If drinking water is not something you like to do, start with 1 cup. It doesn’t have to be a big cup…you can start with a little plastic dixie cup, then to a bigger plastic cup, then to a glass.

From the glass, move to 2 glasses, then 3, then 4…..What you will have done is build a habit of consistency with your water intake. 

Repeat that process with an exercise and see what happens.

Repeat that process with an enlightening book and see what happens.

In the same way, what are some methods you use to build or maintain consistency in your life?

Let me know!


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