Destroy and Rebuild – The War and Peace Of Your Health and Wellness

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day and she was telling me how she woke up that morning and did her daily yoga. This was also gym day for me.

Then the idea hit me on the concept of how we constantly destroy and rebuild ourselves with our health and wellness (whatever process that may be).

When I go to the gym, it is with the purpose of improving physical well being. I want to be strong, healthy and fit. But I also know that when I go in there, I have to give it all I’ve got until my shirt is soaked.

That’s my definition of a good workout session. To go in there and destroy myself, for the sake of building myself up. I want to feel the burn and the micro tears happening in my muscles so they can scar, heal and get bigger each time (along with the proper nutrition).

Here’s where what my friend said comes in….

When she said she got up and did yoga I thought “Wow, yoga would be a great thing to do after a good workout in the gym, just to balance my spirit out.”

This is what I mean by the war and peace.

Whether it’s gym life, martial arts, an Xtreme sport, football, hockey, etc….

the time to rebuild is crucial!

The universe runs on a perfect mathematical balance at all times, whether we believe or understand that or not.

So the human body must be governed that way as well.

Some of the best martial artist that I’ve ever known on a personal level always make time for internal work through Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gong or basic meditation to balance their intense activities out.

The last…I repeat….the Last thing you want to do is go through a prolonged period of yang with no yin. The consequences just aren’t worth it.

If you’re an MMA fighter, balance it out with some yoga or meditation.

If you’re a martial arts purist and like to do Kung Fu, Karate or Muy Thai, balance it out with some acupuncture.

And this idea holds true with every other aspect of life.

If you eat some fried chicken with mac and cheese, balance it out with fruit and vegetables the next day.

If you like to drink soda (which I highly suggest you don’t do), make sure you have a smoothie or some matcha tea.

If you watch violent movies, balance it out with some educational material. Something that is going to feed your soul.


When it comes to health and wellness for your mind, body and spirit, there is a destructive process that needs to be followed up with a rebuilding process.

You can’t just keep destroying yourself without putting in time to heal yourself.

Your efforts will not be maximized this way and you will eventually burn out. 

Take your time and really think about this because there are many ways to go about this process. 

Find out which one works for you and be patient with it. 

Do you already have a process for the destroying and building of your body?

Let me know!


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