Having A Comfortable Home

Having a comfortable home
We all need a sanctuary from the bullshit. You might as well make your home that sanctuary.

A Comfortable Home For Peace of Mind

The subject of having a comfortable home seems to be a subject that is not discussed much. Sure you have television shows on channels like HGTV that cater to the idea of making a home look nice and neat (very important to me by the way), hospitable for guests and good enough for family when they come to visit.

But I wanted to touch on the importance of making your home a sanctuary and comfort place from the outside world.

You’re Allowed To Go Into Your Shell From Time To Time

It’s important, especially in these times we are in, to have a home in which you can turn off the noise and really hone into yourself. A place where you can meditate, be in silence, be comfortable and find peace after a long battle with the ills of society.

How often do you get home after a long day of work, running errands or dealing with an issue, only to come home to more of what you just left in the outside world?

How many times have you pulled into your driveway and had to just sit there for a second because you know as soon as you open the door, More is going to be demanded of you?

If you are a parent, your kids need to be fed, the house most likely needs to be straightened up, the garbage needs to go out and maybe even the dog needs to be walked and catered to.

If you are a parent And have a spouse, you need to do all of the above in addition to having some quality time with your significant other. On top of that, you might have even brought work home with you!

Sometimes it can be too much to deal with, which is why you need to do all you can to make your home a comfortable sanctuary of peace and harmony.

Set Your Boundaries and Enforce Them

Whether you live alone, have a roommate or have a family, boundaries must be set. If you want to have a comfortable home, you have to hold yourself and everyone accountable to do their part.

Try different methods and see which one helps you accomplish this goal.

One day, try coming in and don’t turn anything electrical on for the first hour (except for light if need be). Just come in, take a seat and breathe for a little while before you do anything else.

This will give you time to gather yourself and think about what it is you would like to do for the rest of the evening without being frantic about it.

You will need help from your old friend Discipline with this one, especially if you don’t live alone. Make sure you and everyone are on one accord for peace, comfort and tranquility.

Work On Your Optics and Surroundings

What makes for a good hotel room? A nice car ride? A pleasurable shopping experience?

Outside of treatment and service, Optics. How the place looks and feels to you.

Well…these same qualities are going to apply to your home and its comfort level for you.

Straighten up your home daily. I’m saying daily because a little each time is better than a lot in one sitting. Get some nice visuals that YOU like and put them everywhere. This means everything from pictures of loved ones, nature sounds, meditation tools, visuals that reinforce tranquility, to the colors that you like.

This is YOUR home we’re talking about so spoil yourself in the name of your health and wellness!

Lastly On Having A Comfortable Home

I will touch on this quite often in the future, but this is a great way to get started. Where you lay your head and place your ass means a lot in this world. Society can have a way of eating away at your peace, taking taking taking and not giving anything back.

So you owe it to yourself to guard your home as your last line of defense.

What are some ways you use to maintain peace and tranquility in your home?

How have you successfully maintained home comfort?

Let me know!

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