High Functioning Depression – 10 Signs Your Depressed

High Functioning Depression - 10 Signs Your Depressed
It can soften the blow when you’re prepared for it.

High functioning depression is defined as a person who is able to sustain their life, carrying depression and anxiety on a daily basis. If it sounds like a living hell, it’s because it is.

While everyone deals with depression, it doesn’t stay with some like it does with others. This can be due to life affairs, challenges, circumstances of many levels or hereditary traits.

There are ways you can find out if you struggle with high functioning depression. The best one being to seek help from a professional, as they would be able to help you determine your best course of treatment.

The people over at TopThink made a wonderful video about high functioning depression and signs on how to spot it.

Signs such as:

Productive Depression

Some of the most successful people suffer from depression, but it is masked in massive production. Emptiness, irritability and dissatisfaction are regular characteristics of productive depression.

You can get a lot done but be miserable at the same time. Have you ever looked at a celebrity like Kanye West or Robin Williams (RIP) and wondered how they could be so unhappy with all of their success?

Yes, it’s very common.

Imposter Syndrome

This is when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and this can result from many different things.

Highly successful people can suffer from this because of the pressure they endure on a daily basis. This pressure comes from their overwhelming desire to succeed in everything they’re doing.

On the road to success, people with high functioning depression can feel like frauds in pursuit of their goals.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s important to get over these mental hurdles. You must remain confident and present as best as you can to get through those challenging times.

Check out the rest of the signs in the video.

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