How To 10X Your Productivity and More

It’s Monday and it’s a new week! A perfect time to plan and strategize your wins and accomplishments for the next 5 days.

I love the subjects of organization and structure so productivity goes hand in hand. After all, the purpose of the two are so you can Be more productive.

Check out this video from the good people over at TopThink. Sometimes taking on big things can lead to overwhelm, especially when it comes to self improvement.

The idea of setting up mini habits for yourself is genius. Everything usually starts off very small, and so it is the same for accomplishment.

Make It A Point To Add Oatmeal To Your Nutrition

Oatmeal does not have to be a chore to eat in the morning. It’s only a chore if you don’t make if fun and creative. Find out the secret trick for making your oatmeal healthier and more delicious here from Eat This Not that.

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