Home Fitness: Is This The New Normal Now?

home fitness: is this the new normal now?
Is home fitness the new norm?

For the subject of home fitness I’m going to write more on this question from time to time, but for now I just wanted to put the question out there.

Is Home fitness the new normal?

My gym has been shut down for 3 months now. I drove by the other night just to look through the window. You see where I’m going with this?

I call it being “gym sick”. You know, like “home sick”, but for the gym. Are you feeling anything like this too? It’s a really crappy feeling to have.

Now I have nothing against home fitness training because that’s where I started. I began doing the very basics:


-pull ups


chin ups

-body weight squats

-walking lunges

That was all I did to get a full body workout in (I still do these in the gym by the way, as you should).

So now, at this point, I keep it pushing at home. But what if this really is the new normal?

I mean I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I started my fitness journey at home doing calisthenics and light weights. Back then I was just enjoying the process of getting up in the morning, drinking some water, getting some fruit in my stomach and Hitting it!

The interesting thing was, I saw some results, but I didn’t see real results until I improved my diet. But when I did, That’s when it became addicting.

I did this for 3 years straight going through circuit after circuit, variation after variation. Those times were fun and I learned a lot about keeping on a schedule, pre planning my workouts and taking it seriously all the way to the end.

I guess I just wanted to rant a little about my love for the gym and how I miss it so much, along with reassuring myself for this home fitness journey.

What do your home workouts consist of?

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