New Year’s In November

Happy New Year!

That’s right! Happy New Year in November!!!

So here’s the reason behind my early good wishes…..

The Cliche resolution!

I was in the gym last week and one of the regulars was telling me how this is the perfect time to join a gym and start training.


“Because nobody’s in here this time of year” he says.

“But come January?! Maaaan this place is Packed! So this is the time to get a good rhythm going and build consistency.”

Now that’s a Damn good point!

Why wait?! Get your ass in there now and get started with your New Year’s resolution before New Year’s actually comes.

What I’ve noticed (at least with myself)  is every time you wait until a big moment like New Years, your birthday (especially a milestone birthday), an anniversary, any holiday or even a freaking Monday morning,  and make an event out of it, it’s typically a set up for not following through.

I’ll explain…

When people tell me they’ll start on “this day” or “that day”, it’s usually so they can keep doing what they’re doing for at least a little bit longer.

But what happens when Monday morning comes? Or New Year’s Day? Or that milestone birthday?

Excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses and more….


And that’s on The Day!

So let’s say you honor your commitment on The Day…let’s take the featured day of this article, New Years Day, for example.

When January 8th comes, the moment is over and now you’re in the process.

But the process is boring. Right? You’ve been at this for a week now and you deserve a break. Right?

“Just to let my muscles heal.”

“I’ll pick it back up tomorrow.”

“I don’t wanna over do it.”

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

The moment is over. The event is over.

I feel like it is a psychological build up of some kind that sets us up for failure when we wait for a desolate and declaring moment to do something.


Why wait??

What’s wrong with Thursday morning? Or Saturday afternoon? Or Tuesday morning?

Maybe it doesn’t sound sexy enough to say “I had an epiphany on Saturday morning after my oatmeal that I need to change and change now!”

But if that’s the moment that it happens for you….then ACT!

Final Thought…..

So that’s why I’m wishing you all Happy New Year in late November. My well wish is loaded with motivation to start taking your health and wellness DEAD SERIOUS….RIGHT NOW!

Just think….

How will you feel when you walk into the gym on New Year’s Day, already in a routine and ready to get to it?

It’s a fleeting event for someone else and you might not see them in there next week.

But for you it will be another set, another rep, another healthy meal….another day in your new lifestyle (or not so new lol).

So what will you do first? Something for your mind? Your Body? Or your Spirit? I want to know!

Whichever you choose, choose NOW….and Get Started!

Happy Early New Year!

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