Nutrition For Men Over 40

Whether you’re doing a full body workout or a weight loss workout, nutrition is going to play a key role in maximizing your performance and your results.

Nutrition for men over 40 is crucial because our metabolism slows down and we hold on to fat a lot easier than when we were younger. You need to be more mindful of what you eat and how much you take in.

How Much Should A 40 Year Old Man Eat?

Typically if you’re a 40 year old man, you want to be consuming between 1,800 calories if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle and 2,200 if you’re active.

If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, you should make it your life goal to become more active. You will naturally want to consume more food, but make sure you consume the best and healthiest foods for your body (vegetables and fruits should make up 85% of your servings).

Full Day Of Eating – Nutrition For Men Over 40 – What I Eat To Stay Ripped with Funk Roberts

I wanted to share this video from Funk Roberts. He takes you through a full day of eating for men 35 and up.

Funk Roberts believes that nutrition is the best aspect of health you should pay attention to if you’re over 40, trying to build muscle and lose weight, and I Emphatically agree.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Funk Roberts takes you on a full day of eating to stay healthy over 40.
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