High Functioning Depression – 10 Signs Your Depressed

High Functioning Depression - 10 Signs Your Depressed
It can soften the blow when you’re prepared for it.

High functioning depression is defined as a person who is able to sustain their life, carrying depression and anxiety on a daily basis. If it sounds like a living hell, it’s because it is.

While everyone deals with depression, it doesn’t stay with some like it does with others. This can be due to life affairs, challenges, circumstances of many levels or hereditary traits.

There are ways you can find out if you struggle with high functioning depression. The best one being to seek help from a professional, as they would be able to help you determine your best course of treatment.

The people over at TopThink made a wonderful video about high functioning depression and signs on how to spot it.

Signs such as:

Productive Depression

Some of the most successful people suffer from depression, but it is masked in massive production. Emptiness, irritability and dissatisfaction are regular characteristics of productive depression.

You can get a lot done but be miserable at the same time. Have you ever looked at a celebrity like Kanye West or Robin Williams (RIP) and wondered how they could be so unhappy with all of their success?

Yes, it’s very common.

Imposter Syndrome

This is when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and this can result from many different things.

Highly successful people can suffer from this because of the pressure they endure on a daily basis. This pressure comes from their overwhelming desire to succeed in everything they’re doing.

On the road to success, people with high functioning depression can feel like frauds in pursuit of their goals.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s important to get over these mental hurdles. You must remain confident and present as best as you can to get through those challenging times.

Check out the rest of the signs in the video.

The Benefits of Zinc and Why Your Body Needs It

The Benefits of Zinc and Why Your Body Needs It
You can get Zinc from many places, so start with your diet and nutrition.

I could write a book on the benefits of zinc, but for now, a blog post will have to do. Zinc is considered a nutrient (or essential trace mineral) and is found throughout the body to help your metabolism and immune system function.

It’s not hard to get a proper amount of zinc, but eating right will guarantee it on a consistent basis.

Some of the main benefits of zinc are:

  • keeps your immune system strong
  • helps reduce diseases related to age such as AMD, Pneumonia
  • helps lower oxidative stress
  • acne treatment
  • decreases inflammation

In addition, I wanted to share this video from Brainy Dose on 10 Warning Signs Your Body Needs More Zinc.

Your body will usually tell you when it’s having a problem, you just have to know how to listen. Your body will let you if you have a zinc deficiency in ways like…

Teeth Aren’t Sparkling

Zinc is found in your saliva and enamel. Because it helps in the remineralization of your teeth, it can ward off bacteria and tooth decay.

You’ll further know you have a zinc deficiency if you’re challenged by mouth ulcers and inflamed gums.

Hair Loss

A zinc deficiency can cause bald spots. Yes, it may not be hereditary for you after all. In addition to zinc attaching itself to hair follicles, it also operates on a cellular level.

If there is an interruption of the growth and division of cells, DNA creation, protein synthesis and hormone production, hair loss will likely occur.

Taste and Smell Is Off

Zinc plays a major part in your taste buds and glands functioning properly.

*Side Note* – It’s amazing to me how one of the COVID-19 symptoms is loss of taste and smell. And Zinc is recommended in keeping your body strong during these times in the pandemic.

Just sayin.

Acne Buildup

Acne can be caused by a lot of things, but many don’t know about its ties to a zinc deficiency.

It is inflammatory based and zinc can help fight those bacterial flare ups on the surface of your skin.

You can speak with a dermatologist about using a topical zinc cream or a supplement. You never know…that might be all you need to have your skin looking like silk.

Check out the rest on the video above. Thanks Brainy Dose!!

Waking Up Productive For Peace In The Evening

Waking up productive
Give your mornings the respect they deserve.

Your daily success starts with waking up productive. The way you start your morning can dictate the flow of your whole day.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Do you reach for your phone or tablet?

Do you reach for the remote?

Does anxiety wash over you, prompting you to bathe in it?

Are you inclined to eat something?

Smoke a cigarette?


Do you wake up with a to-do list ready to kill it for the day?

Those first few moments can determine what kind of day, week, month, year or even life you have.

Seriously, take a moment to think about the last really good day you had. Got it?

Okay, now what did do that morning when you woke up?


Think of the last shittiest day you had. Got it?

Same question, what was the first thing you did? Better yet, what was the first Thought you remember having?

All of this leads to today’s video I found by Alux on 15 Things to Stop Doing When You Wake Up.

Knowing what Not to do is just as important as knowing what To do. It’s just as crucial in waking up productive.

Stop Whining About Getting Up

Everyday is a gift. Think about how many people didn’t wake up this morning who made plans for today.

Change your thought process about having to get up in the morning. Finding your purpose will give you something to jump out of the bed for every morning.

Stop Rushing And Trying To Multitask

I don’t care what anyone says, doing things one at a time is the best way to get things done right. You lose time and focus when your mind is scattered.

Think about the times when you’re rushing in the morning because you woke up late and you’re scrambling between 5 different things.

What usually happens?

You spill your drink, stub your toe, get into an argument with a loved one, and you usually have a middle finger or two for the slow poke in front of you.

Doing In The Morning What You Could’ve Done The Night Before

If the devil is in the details, then he probably picks up his mail in the land of procrastination. Nothing holds you back in all ways of life than putting things off that can get done now.

One of the things that I did right when I was a kid was get my clothes together the night before school so I wouldn’t have think about it the next morning.

This can hold true in adult life as well. Do all of the things you now you can do the night before and watch how much more smoothly things happen in the morning.

This is the point, right? Waking Up Productive?

Waking Up Productive Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore….

Our actions precede one another. Think of the time you’ll save in the morning if you utilize the time given to you the night before. There are much more to go over but I want you to check it out for yourself and let me know your favorite one.

Annoyance – 7 Reasons Why Everyone and Everything Annoys You

Annoyance - 7 Reasons Why Everyone and Everything Annoys You
All we can do is control how we react to them.

Annoyance is something that you can’t avoid. Sooner or later, something is gonna piss you off really bad.

Like the philosophy states, you can’t control people’s actions, you can only control how you react to them.

But even still, if you are a person who gets annoyed at the drop of a hat, then that calls for some self examining.

I found a great video on annoyance from the good people over at Brainy Dose. I’ve shared things with them before on different topics, but this really hits the core of daily annoyance and frustration.

The video delves into things that might internally contribute to why you get so pissed off at people in different situations. It definitely made me take a seat and grab a listen.

Did you know that living with daily annoyance can just perpetuate more?

Think about it….

The people that annoy you the most are usually the people you have to interact with on a daily basis. This can make your irritability systemic, causing you to reach for things to deal with it that unknowingly make it worse.

Alcohol and Caffeine Can Cause Annoyance

Both of these culprits can play a huge part in anxiety and moodiness because of the effect they have on your neurotransmitters. This is why your mood can be effected for hours after consumption of either.

You’re Overworked

Another cause of annoyance is being overworked and exhausted. We don’t function properly without a balance of sleep and work. A lot of times this is usually what’s wrong with people when you ask how they’re doing and you get an attitude in return.

It’s important to schedule some “Me” time into your week so you can pause and regroup.

Unhealthy Environment and People

You are the sum total of the people you associate with. This was a hard fact that I had to realize growing up.

The people and environment you spend your time around can have a direct effect on your mood.

If you’re unsure of this, just keep track of how you feel when you’re around certain people, versus how you feel when you’re not around them. That will just about tell you all you need to know.

Issues of the past resurface

There are times when the past creeps back up on you. This is normal so don’t feel bad about it.

Annoyance can be spawned by how you are treated by people past and present. The key is finding the source of the issue.

It’s easier said than done to let a past issue go, but if you don’t at least deal with it, it can keep resurfacing and effecting your present.

For more on The 7 Reasons Why Everyone and Everything Annoys You, check out the video below.

Low Testosterone – 8 Habits That Cause It

Low Testosterone - 8 Habits That Cause It
It’s like walking around with a soaking wet log on your shoulders all day.

Low testosterone robs a man of something. It robs him of that natural ability to lunge at what he really wants. Think about when you were a tyke and you had an unstoppable energy and drive.

A drive that kept you flying by the seat of your pants, rushing into any new opportunity there was to meet a girl, take a trip, go out to a club, go to the gym, or hit the basketball court.

This is what you’re missing when you have low testosterone. When your testosterone is low, it can lead to problems such as:

  • decreased muscle mass
  • low sex drive
  • hair loss
  • decreased bone density
  • lack of energy and necessary aggression (standing up for yourself)
  • depressed mood
  • difficulty concentrating
  • moodiness and irritability

Thus, as you age, your testosterone levels will naturally decrease, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You CAN maintain good testosterone throughout your life as you age, it just requires a little work and adjustment.

What Is The Main Cause Of Low Testosterone?

Healthline.com describes the cause of testosterone be:

“Types of testicle damage that can lead to primary hypogonadism include: Physical injury to the testicles: Injury must occur to both testicles to affect testosterone levels. Mumps orchitis: A mumps infection can injure testicles. Cancer treatment: Chemotherapy or radiation can damage testicles.”

Now that would be a more technical commentary than the examples I gave above. But the point is, low testosterone can be brought on by things internal, external, physical and mental.

Style O.G. to the rescue….

Check out this video by one of my favorite YouTube influencers, The Style O.G.

Here he discusses the 8 Bad Habits That Can Lower Your Testosterone.

Habits like…

A lack of sleep

It seems like people’s sleeping habits as a whole are suffering more with the smart phone addictions, socially influenced anxiety and different new forms of drug abuse.

A lack of sleep can effect testosterone levels due to an increase of cortisol levels, lack of focus and long lasting exhaustion.

Increased Stress

Stress is a hard thing to avoid these days. With smart phones on our night stands and smart tv’s in every room, it’s hard to get away from triggers that will cause stress.

But you don’t stand a chance.

You’re absorbing the world’s problems through the news, along with trying to manage your own life problems, right?

Processed Foods

This one hurts because processed foods are SO good going down.

However, think about how you feel later….or in some cases, right after.

Processed foods (pizza, pastries, lunch meat, cold cuts, ice cream and just about anything you can get out of the frozen food section) rob your body of its natural state, while leaving poison behind.

If you don’t believe me, just try watering a plant with soda for a month and watch what happens.

Subsequently, I could go on but I’d rather you hear it from the man himself. Check out The Style O.G.

Lastly on Low Testosterone

So in conclusion, as useful as this information is, it means nothing if you don’t take heed and put correction to whatever you need to change the cycle.

Start looking at ways to eat right, exercise and maintain a healthy state of mind. Oh yeah one more thing: Get To Sleep at night!

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