5 Simple Time Management Tips To Do NOW

Timing is indeed EVERYTHING!

I can’t tell you how many blessings and curses I’ve encountered at the hands of good and bad timing. But I’m not gonna bore you with a rundown on my bullshit.

Here are 5 simple time management tips to do Now.

1. Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready – I once heard Will Smith say that and it stuck with me. What it means for me is to keep yourself in a state of preparedness for anything that you desire.

So, for example, you have a trip coming up, say to the beach or to see family, and you want to look your best, right?

Usually you might start working out and eating better just to get ready for the big trip.

But what if you just start living as though you Always have a trip coming up?

What do you think it would do for you if you just stayed in the gym and maintained a consistent nutritious eating regimen?

You’d be ready to go on a trip next month….next week…tomorrow!

2. Make An Outline Of Your Tasks/Goals – If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you reach your destination?

Making an outline is what gives you a vision in time management so you know where you are at all times.

And it doesn’t even need to be an outline, per say. It can be a simple to-do list, or a task sheet.

Just get your priorities down on paper (or in your phone). I like to use a white board. It’s truly changing how I govern my time. Sometimes I make my list of to-do’s before I go to bed at night. Other times I do it as soon as I wake up in the morning.

Try both and see what works for you. I can guarantee you will be more confident in your tasks and goals for that day, and even that week depending on how far you want to plan out.

3. Know The Difference In Priorities and Pleasures – Do you? Know the difference I mean?

A priority would be:

  • finishing that report for work
  • showing up to your kid’s recital
  • making your appointment with your dentist

A pleasure would be:

  • seeing that movie the night it opens
  • going out in a snow storm to get ice cream when you have fruit in the kitchen
  • staying up to watch the game when you have an early meeting

See where I’m going with this?

A priority is a necessary task for your advancement and maintenance in life.

A pleasure is a quick fix to make you feel good.

There’s nothing wrong with chasing a pleasure…just don’t sacrifice your goal of time management

4. Manage Your Priorities – Now that you know the difference between a priority and a pleasure, it’s time to set a pecking order for your priorities.

For example….

You have a deadline at work, but your car Seriously needs an oil change. Are you gonna forego your deadline so you can beat the rush as Jiffy Lube?

Another example….

You need to do some much neglected chores around the house, It’s Saturday, but your kid needs quality time. Now you can kill 2 birds with one stone on this one and do chores together (granted he didn’t want to play baseball at the park), or you can forego the chores, spend the much needed time with your kid and use your Sunday to knock those chores out.

It’s your choice, but you see where I’m going here.

5.  Manage Your Time Management – While every task is important, all tasks aren’t equal.

Because of this, you should put a time limit on your tasks.

If you’re writing a report, that’s gonna require more quality time than doing yard work (even if you’re a passionate gardener).

If you’re taking care of a sick loved one, that’s going to require more quality time than changing your own oil (even if you’re a passionate DIYer).

In Conclusion….

At the risk of sounding like a wise ass, time management takes time to manage.

It’s gonna be a process of trial and error. The important thing is to keep at it until you get it. Start with a list of 3 things everyday that you can prioritize, and build from there.

Be easy on yourself but remain diligent.

I want to hear from you! What are some methods that you use for time management? Leave a comment below.



New Year’s In November

Happy New Year!

That’s right! Happy New Year in November!!!

So here’s the reason behind my early good wishes…..

The Cliche resolution!

I was in the gym last week and one of the regulars was telling me how this is the perfect time to join a gym and start training.


“Because nobody’s in here this time of year” he says.

“But come January?! Maaaan this place is Packed! So this is the time to get a good rhythm going and build consistency.”

Now that’s a Damn good point!

Why wait?! Get your ass in there now and get started with your New Year’s resolution before New Year’s actually comes.

What I’ve noticed (at least with myself)  is every time you wait until a big moment like New Years, your birthday (especially a milestone birthday), an anniversary, any holiday or even a freaking Monday morning,  and make an event out of it, it’s typically a set up for not following through.

I’ll explain…

When people tell me they’ll start on “this day” or “that day”, it’s usually so they can keep doing what they’re doing for at least a little bit longer.

But what happens when Monday morning comes? Or New Year’s Day? Or that milestone birthday?

Excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses and more….


And that’s on The Day!

So let’s say you honor your commitment on The Day…let’s take the featured day of this article, New Years Day, for example.

When January 8th comes, the moment is over and now you’re in the process.

But the process is boring. Right? You’ve been at this for a week now and you deserve a break. Right?

“Just to let my muscles heal.”

“I’ll pick it back up tomorrow.”

“I don’t wanna over do it.”

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

The moment is over. The event is over.

I feel like it is a psychological build up of some kind that sets us up for failure when we wait for a desolate and declaring moment to do something.


Why wait??

What’s wrong with Thursday morning? Or Saturday afternoon? Or Tuesday morning?

Maybe it doesn’t sound sexy enough to say “I had an epiphany on Saturday morning after my oatmeal that I need to change and change now!”

But if that’s the moment that it happens for you….then ACT!

Final Thought…..

So that’s why I’m wishing you all Happy New Year in late November. My well wish is loaded with motivation to start taking your health and wellness DEAD SERIOUS….RIGHT NOW!

Just think….

How will you feel when you walk into the gym on New Year’s Day, already in a routine and ready to get to it?

It’s a fleeting event for someone else and you might not see them in there next week.

But for you it will be another set, another rep, another healthy meal….another day in your new lifestyle (or not so new lol).

So what will you do first? Something for your mind? Your Body? Or your Spirit? I want to know!

Whichever you choose, choose NOW….and Get Started!

Happy Early New Year!

Budget Your Pleasures

What I Mean

When it comes to health and wellness, you must look at your body like a small economy. Just like in a regular economy, spending too much money on the the wrong (or right) thing can leave a depletion of resources for something else.

In a regular economy, spending too much money even on the right thing, can leave a depletion of resources for another area.

The same holds true for the human body, mind and spirit, which is why it is necessary to budget your pleasures. Our pleasures, although very necessary for a fulfilling life, can be a detriment when we spend too much time and energy on them, by which neglecting other (and maybe a little less fun) necessities in life.

I’ll explain.

It is a pleasure of mine to indulge in junk food. Big surprise, right? But what happens when I indulge in it too much, neglecting my nutrition? Very, VERY bad things. Heart attack, shortness of breathe, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes….etc, etc.

Therefore, it is crucial to budget my pleasure of junk food so I can enjoy it and not kill myself in the process.

This is why I designate my indulgence of these foods around the holiday season. I was explaining to a friend the other day how, to me, it is pointless to binge on cookies, cakes, pies and other sweets any other time of the year except for the holiday season.


Because all of the best stuff comes out at that time of the year anyway. To eat that stuff year around is just pointless and VERY dangerous to my health.

Not to mention it takes away from the joy of it when it becomes a regular thing.

I say wait until you can get the best of it, know your limit and then Cut It OFF!

Now that’s just dealing with a small aspect of nutrition. Let me show you how it can apply to the rest of your life in terms of mind, body and spirit.


I love watching television! I used to wish there was a career where I could just sit around and watch television all day (I know you can get jobs doing something like this, but they don’t pay enough lol).

But to sit around and watch television all day won’t get me where I need/want to be in life. You either. So….set a budget for your tube time. You’d be surprised how much you can get done if you just shut if off, or maybe even take a couple of days out of the week where you don’t turn it on at all.

Try this to start:

Take on hour of each day to voluntarily cut off the television and do something that contributes toward a life aspiration. Exercise, reading to elevate your consciousness, taking up an art to stimulate your brain, starting a business to make more money…..something else other than your normal tube time.

Try it and see how you feel.


While watching television, this usually involves sitting on your ass in the process.


What if, instead of sitting or laying down, you sat in lotus position? Or you stood in Wuji (standing meditative posture)? Or you exercise during every commercial break?

Your pleasure of watching television just got re-budgeted into something much more rewarding!

You’re not missing out on your pleasure of watching television. You’ve just revised your budget to include something productive to your well being.


Don’t save your pleasure for self help books and programs for when you need self help. Make them a part of your everyday routine. What we define as a good day can often mean that no one challenged us or told us we were wrong.

Therefore, a bad day would be defined as the opposite of that. In this case you want to increase your pleasure budget of self help material to get in front of a bad day before it happens.

Another example for the spirit would be lowering your pleasure of being sedentary and budgeting in some meditation time. Meditation is probably one fo the most overlooked things we can do in society today.

The idea of slowing everything down and sitting in stillness. You’d be amazed at the benefits.

What are some ways that you think you can budget your pleasures? I’d love to hear them!

Be well

If You Can’t Think Positive, Don’t Think Negative

I’ve struggled with negative thinking all my life (or so I’ve been told). I wasn’t always this way. I think it started sometime in high school…I just got into this cycle of expecting bad things to happen.

What I didn’t realize, that I realize now, is there REALLY is something to this.

“Thoughts are Things.”

-I don’t know who said it

Thoughts are, indeed, Things. Think about it. Everything that you see in the world today originated as a thought in someone’s mind. The place you work was a thought before it was built and you were able to walk into it.

The place you live was an idea before it was built and you could eat and sleep in it.

That flat screen television was a thought when you were still watching a tube.


If all of those things were thoughts before they manifested into a material thing….why couldn’t it be the same for negative thinking?

So the first time I heard this notion I decided to test it out.

Here’s what I Found (Sort Of)

I have a thing with stop lights. It seems that I’m always the one to get caught at a stop light while everyone is able to make the green and yellow and continue living out their lives.

But not I.

I’ve mastered the art of changing the color green to red.

Anyway, this notion that all red lights were meant for me was driving me crazy until one day I decided to try changing my thought.

I said “What if I look at these red lights as something saving me from a car accident up ahead, instead of another traffic obstacle that was put on this earth, Only for me?”

Just that switch in thought….the idea that I’m not so unique that I hog all the red lights in the world made me feel something different.

I’m not saying it cured me of that negative thought overnight, but it made me stop and look at the thought from another perspective.

Now when I get caught at a red light, without the negative mentality, I look at practical things.

Do I give myself enough time when I leave to go to my destination so a couple of red lights isn’t a factor?

How do I know that there wasn’t Really an accident waiting for me up ahead and the light saved my life?

Maybe now the floor at work will be dry when I walk in and I won’t slip and fall in front of everybody in the lobby.

The Change In Perspective Will Change Your Thought

It’s impossible to Not have negative thoughts in life. The world is filled with negativity.

But in case you forgot…..

It’s also filled with a lot of positive things as well.

Don’t be so quick to ALWAYS go to the negative side of things!

(That statement above was me talking to myself out loud)

There’s always a reason we get delayed, or don’t get that job we wanted, or don’t wind up with that crush.

We may not like the reason, but in a lot of ways we can always trace it back the notion of something better is in store for us, or there is something that we did or didn’t do to reach that outcome.

And that’s a good thing because if it’s the formal, all you have to do is be patient.

If it’s the latter, there’s room for improvement to the cause.

In conclusion….

If you’ve struggled with negative thinking like I have, this new idea can take a lot of time and effort to put into practice.

This is why you should just start with eliminating the negative thoughts, even if you can’t think positive yet.

Just start there! And be a better friend to yourself and allow patience. This is a new thought process.

What are some of your methods of dealing with negative thinking?

What triggers your negative thoughts?

Let me know!


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