Sickness Prevention In Turbulent Times

It’s been a while since I wrote on here, but what better time than now to talk about sickness prevention?

More importantly, just Prevention.

When I was a kid, I often made really questionable choices such as going outside in 12 degree weather with my coat wide open, no hat on, no scarf and a potential death wish (I spent the first part of my life in NY winters).

Cause and Effect

And what would often happen is exactly what you think would happen. A head cold every other month, congestion, stomach sickness and a plethora of other conditions that took away from my goofing off time in school.

Every single time I would get sick, as I would be laying in my bed begging for the reaper to spare my life one more time, I would say….

“I will never do this again!”

“I’m gonna wear my coat, my scarf, my gloves and my boots like mom tells me!”

And sure enough, as soon as I started to feel better again, the cold that I left in November would show up madder than ever in early January. The BS would continue.

I eventually got the point sometime in high school and that would be the end of my self induced head colds that plagued me as a youth.

The point that I’m referring to is Prevention.

If I prepare myself to go into cold harsh conditions the right way, I can prevent illness from invading my body. How I would prepare myself is to layer in a way that would protect me from the elements and put the proper nutrition in my body to have a strong immune system.

Applying these 2 tasks to my winter regimen put me in a state of prevention from illness.

Now Enter The Coronavirus

The Corona Virus

These are the times that the discipline of health, fitness and wellness gives us a fighting chance against mass illness. One of the pillars of wisdom in wellness is to stay in a state of prevention.

Prevention in the sense of Living the life of someone who wants to Live.

It’s not prevention to have chronic back pain and pop an aspirin everyday so the pain will go away.

It is prevention if you are physically active in some capacity and tend to sore joints and muscles when you feel discomfort through natural means.

Instead of the aspirin, take some vitamins and herbs that are targeted for muscle relaxation.

Take a yoga class from time to time online to keep your body nimble and flexible.

sickness prevention in turbulent times
Yoga is a great way to maintain flexibility and overall harmony to your body.

It’s not sickness prevention if you’re taking Pepto Bismol every time you get sick on your stomach.

It is prevention if you avoid foods all together that have trans fat, MSG, heavy oil, too much sugar, artificial additives and sweeteners that unsettle your stomach from first ingestion.

Not a Chore, A Lifestyle

You must change your paradigm to really understand the power of prevention. When you change your paradigm, making better choices for yourself isn’t a chore so much as an investment into yourself.

A good investment brings a return, and the return you get by staying in a state of prevention is peak performance on command. Think about the extra effort do you give in the gym when you go in with no illness or a lag from a poor lunch?

How much more creative are you in the workspace when you had a smoothie instead of that bagel and hot chocolate?

How much more are you able to give to your life when you’ve prepared just by avoiding bad decisions?

It’s not a chore when you have the right mindset. It’s a lifestyle.

Oh Yeah! Corona!

So bringing my point back to the Coronavirus, it’s Very important that we stay in a state of sickness prevention.

-Wash your hands after every outside interaction. This would include using hand sanitizer when you don’t have a chance to get to the soap and water.

-If you don’t exercise, please begin to do so to build your immune system. A great exercise for the time and equipment challenged are jumping jacks (trust me, they still work if that’s all you can do)

-Make better decisions with your nutrition so your body has a fighting chance when it has to be strong! Start with the heavyweights (vitamin and nutrient rich green vegetables, fruits for your immune system, plant based protein sources).

Last Thought….

I’m going to tell you something you already know.

Prevention does Not stop or catch everything.

However, it gives you a fighting chance in a world full of sickness and disease. If you are the kind of person who gets sick a few times a year, it’s because you’re leaving yourself vulnerable in some capacity.

Whether it’s your inactivity, your malnutrition or your overall sedentary lifestyle, you’ve got to build armor for this thing called Life.

What are some of your methods for sickness prevention?

What are some of your methods for building that armor?

I’d like to know.

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