Home Biceps Workout, Even With No Gym

home biceps workout, even though there's still no gym
No gym, no problem. A home biceps workout might be just what you need.

It’s been a while, but hello again. Today I wanted to share a home biceps workout. I hope you’ve been taking good care yourself and looking out for your loved ones during this crazy pandemic.

We are experiencing some very turbulent times right now and it’s being said that it’s going to get worse, so please continue to wear your mask and practice social distancing.

Did you ever think we would be out of the gym for this long? I sure didn’t. But here we are, forging ahead in our home fitness routines.

How are you holding up? I’m gym sick for sure, but it’s actually not that bad. This is giving me an opportunity to come up with different and creative ways to stay in shape.

It’s amazing what you get used to when you have all of those cool machines to work with on a daily basis.

Not so much the case right now, so you, me, we all need to get creative And go back to the basics.

What kind of changes have been made with your circuits?

How much growth?

How much decline (if any)?

These are loose questions, but they are legitimate things we are facing right now.

Athlean -X To The Rescue (again)!

I started seeing some growth with this jewel from Jeff Cavalier, supreme architect of Athlean-X. My biceps started noticeably shrinking due to my limited resistance at home.

This a really good workout for your biceps. You will need some dumbbells and bands to complete it so if you don’t have some bands, go on a scavenger hunt to find some lol.

What I love most about Jeff Cavalier’s workouts are how he shows you things you never even thought of to get shit done. And while a lot of us are sitting out of the gym right now, that’s needed.

Check it out, implement it and let me know how you like it.

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