The 12 Basic Yoga Positions For Health and Wellness?

the 12 basic yoga positions for health and wellness
Yoga might be “ground zero” for health and well being.

The 12 Basic Yoga Positions

Before we get into some basic yoga positions, let’s look into the significance of it. Yoga has been practiced for as long as 5,000 years worldwide. It is a phenomenon in the health and wellness world and for just reason. There are very few practices of health and wellness that can compare to the benefits you get from daily practice.

It helps to bring mind, body and spirit together as 1 unit. If you have never practiced and always wanted to, here are the 12 basic yoga positions to get started.

It’s important to mention that Yoga is a journey. There are no competitive components with Yoga. You do what you can and allow for a natural progression.

The Headstand

First of the basic yoga positions is the headstand. The headstand is referred to as the “cure-all” for disease. Aside from building confidence and increasing focus, the blood flow from your heart to your head is known to relieve stress and reduce depression.

The Shoulder Stand

The shoulder stand is another inverted posture, this time with the body resting on the shoulders. This pose balances the entire body and is centered around the thyroid gland. This is key because the thyroid gland regulates all other glands in the body making it essential for overall health.

Other benefits of this pose are that it aids in digestion, relaxes the mind, improves circulation the body and brain, and can even aid in headache relief.

The Plough

The plough pose is done with your hands and feet on the floor, almost resembling an actually plough.

This Yoga pose can help with correcting curvature of the lower back, which most of us who sit at a computer all day can really benefit from. In addition to aiding lower back issues it can also remove energy blockage from the neck and upper back, again truly beneficial for sitting too long or picking up heavy materials.

This pose will also calm the brain, stretch your shoulders and reduce stress and fatigue.

Fish Pose

The fish pose involves resting on your arms, arching your back and expanding your chest.

One of the key benefits of this pose is it’s aid of respiratory challenges such as asthma and bronchial issues. Also removing blockages from the neck and throat areas, it’s great for helping to breathe and bring more oxygen into the body.

The upper back is a target for this pose, helping with your flexibility.

Sitting Forward Bend

This Yoga position involves sitting and stretching your spine forward.

Although this position looks fairly simple, its benefits are amazing. It eases spinal compression caused from standing too long, which helps anyone working in manual labor or security detail.

Practicing this position over time can help keep your back and joints mobile, toned and invigorated. It has internal benefits to some of your internal organs, the pancreas in particular, in that it gets a stimulated massage because of the nature of this basic yoga position.

Cobra Pose

This pose is done by arching your upper body and expanding your chest.

This position is all about flexibility of your spine. Very few in society today are aware of the importance in maintaining a healthy flexible spine. It’s the bone chain that holds everything together.

basic cobra positions: cobra pose
The cobra pose

While the other positions are great for your neck, upper and lower back, the cobra opens up your chest, shoulders and abdominals.

In addition, your arms get a stimulating pump, just in the nature of you having to hold your torso up. Try this position and feel how the stiffness leaves your body and the good vibes come in.

The Bow

The Bow position is another gem, particularly for the spine, abdomen and chest. Have you ever felt an overall stiffness at the end of the day from running errands, hopping in and out of your car multiple times and then going back to work completely erratic?

This position is a jewel for those times!

The entire from of your body gets a deep stretch from this yoga pose, and watch how much your posture improves.

(Half) Spinal Twist

It’s a half twist, but it’s a twist for your entire spine. This yoga posture will open your chest and rib cage letting blood flow into your stagnant areas.

Rotate in both directions for the full benefit and feel how energized you become from this pose. ]

Another treat is the stimulation your liver and kidneys get, naturally because they are directly involved in the mechanics of this move.

The Crow Pose

Your upper arms, forearms and wrists will get the biggest benefit from this yoga position.

However, this is not to say that it negates the rest of your body. Your abdomen is heavily involved because to hold yourself up in this manner involves a lot of core strength.

This is the reason why a key benefit you will see from this position of balance and full body coordination.

The Triangle

The triangle is a simple lateral bend. Simple in appearance but packed with benefits for your chest and shoulders.

In addition is helps with sluggish digestion (remember this around the holidays lol).

Because you’re using gravity to your benefit with the side stretch, your hips thighs and back are all involved and stimulated. This is one of the reasons why this yoga position is known for general circulation.

Standing Forward Bend

This yoga pose involves standing straight and bending over at your waist, aiding in elasticity of your spine.

In addition it helps to relieve stress and calm your brain, which makes it a wonderful stretch before and after work, and the gym.

Standing forward bend involves one motion, but it stretches your hamstrings, calves, hips, stimulates the kidneys (for purification) and lower back.

Try this pose before bed and see how much better you sleep.

Locust Position

The 12 and last of the basic yoga positions is the Locust position. This pose involves lying on your front with your legs lifted up behind you.

This one is another jewel for the abdominal organs in the nature of the pose. It’s a little more on the challenging side because it calls on you to use your shoulders, chest, thighs and stomach in a static way.

However, your improved posture will show you why it’s worth daily practice.

The Basic Yoga Positions Concluded…

These are the 12 basic yoga positions for health and wellness.

I’d like to emphasize again to take your time learning and practicing these postures. There is no competition, no deadline, no judge looking at your form or any score card.

Yoga is a journey to be appreciated by you and you alone.


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