The Benefits of Structure, Organization and Execution

structure organization execution
How do you keep your sanity during the week, month and year?

Structure, Organization and Execution

Do you understand the benefits of structure, organization and execution? I’ve fumbled a lot of things in life. Projects, assignments in school, business ideas, etc. But it was always because I had no structure, organization and execution. In my opinion they are the holy trinity for getting shit done.

Allow me to explain.


Having it all laid out….exactly the “thing” in front of you. That thing could be a project, a business, an event or a life plan to change for the better. When you have a structure (tangible or intangible), it gives you a sense of your purpose.

It shows you exactly what it is to be done, what it is exactly that needs to be completed.


Being organized might be the #2 or #3 thing that determines success.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to put your socks on your hands and your gloves your feet?

Have you ever thought to put park your car in your bedroom while you sleep in your garage?

Really? Why not?

Probably because it’s not the organized (or sensible) thing to do.

Nothing can flow without organization. Think of how many times you’ve been in a rush to get somewhere and you can find anything because of the mess you made.

Think of when you’re on the phone with someone and you need to write something down quickly, but can’t find a pen because they’re all under a stack of papers, or in the kitchen next to the juicer.

A lack of organization can turn a dream project into a nightmare. No organization can determine if an idea sees the light of day, or fails in the garage that it was created in.


A gun is worthless unless the trigger is fired. An automobile is worthless unless it’s driven on the road. A plan is worthless if it’s not EXECUTED. You must take action to get results. You must get out of your head and into your body and Make It Happen.

It’s of my opinion that execution is the Most important step in this holy trinity of process. Yes, a thought can spawn an idea, but that idea must be acted upon. It must be put into motion and executed well.

For every hour of study you put in, an hour of implementation (execution) should follow. Watch the magic that happens when you do this. You can change your whole life!


Get your structure together. Make sure you can identify exactly what it is you need to understand (the mission, the task, the object etc.).

Then, organize it. Put your pieces in the right places, get your resources and your tools together and know what it is you’re going to do.

Finally, Execute it. Put your structured plan into action and watch the results materialize before your very eyes.

So, what is your plan? How are you going to implement?

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