The Benefits of Zinc and Why Your Body Needs It

The Benefits of Zinc and Why Your Body Needs It
You can get Zinc from many places, so start with your diet and nutrition.

I could write a book on the benefits of zinc, but for now, a blog post will have to do. Zinc is considered a nutrient (or essential trace mineral) and is found throughout the body to help your metabolism and immune system function.

It’s not hard to get a proper amount of zinc, but eating right will guarantee it on a consistent basis.

Some of the main benefits of zinc are:

  • keeps your immune system strong
  • helps reduce diseases related to age such as AMD, Pneumonia
  • helps lower oxidative stress
  • acne treatment
  • decreases inflammation

In addition, I wanted to share this video from Brainy Dose on 10 Warning Signs Your Body Needs More Zinc.

Your body will usually tell you when it’s having a problem, you just have to know how to listen. Your body will let you if you have a zinc deficiency in ways like…

Teeth Aren’t Sparkling

Zinc is found in your saliva and enamel. Because it helps in the remineralization of your teeth, it can ward off bacteria and tooth decay.

You’ll further know you have a zinc deficiency if you’re challenged by mouth ulcers and inflamed gums.

Hair Loss

A zinc deficiency can cause bald spots. Yes, it may not be hereditary for you after all. In addition to zinc attaching itself to hair follicles, it also operates on a cellular level.

If there is an interruption of the growth and division of cells, DNA creation, protein synthesis and hormone production, hair loss will likely occur.

Taste and Smell Is Off

Zinc plays a major part in your taste buds and glands functioning properly.

*Side Note* – It’s amazing to me how one of the COVID-19 symptoms is loss of taste and smell. And Zinc is recommended in keeping your body strong during these times in the pandemic.

Just sayin.

Acne Buildup

Acne can be caused by a lot of things, but many don’t know about its ties to a zinc deficiency.

It is inflammatory based and zinc can help fight those bacterial flare ups on the surface of your skin.

You can speak with a dermatologist about using a topical zinc cream or a supplement. You never know…that might be all you need to have your skin looking like silk.

Check out the rest on the video above. Thanks Brainy Dose!!

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