Waking Up Productive For Peace In The Evening

Waking up productive
Give your mornings the respect they deserve.

Your daily success starts with waking up productive. The way you start your morning can dictate the flow of your whole day.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Do you reach for your phone or tablet?

Do you reach for the remote?

Does anxiety wash over you, prompting you to bathe in it?

Are you inclined to eat something?

Smoke a cigarette?


Do you wake up with a to-do list ready to kill it for the day?

Those first few moments can determine what kind of day, week, month, year or even life you have.

Seriously, take a moment to think about the last really good day you had. Got it?

Okay, now what did do that morning when you woke up?


Think of the last shittiest day you had. Got it?

Same question, what was the first thing you did? Better yet, what was the first Thought you remember having?

All of this leads to today’s video I found by Alux on 15 Things to Stop Doing When You Wake Up.

Knowing what Not to do is just as important as knowing what To do. It’s just as crucial in waking up productive.

Stop Whining About Getting Up

Everyday is a gift. Think about how many people didn’t wake up this morning who made plans for today.

Change your thought process about having to get up in the morning. Finding your purpose will give you something to jump out of the bed for every morning.

Stop Rushing And Trying To Multitask

I don’t care what anyone says, doing things one at a time is the best way to get things done right. You lose time and focus when your mind is scattered.

Think about the times when you’re rushing in the morning because you woke up late and you’re scrambling between 5 different things.

What usually happens?

You spill your drink, stub your toe, get into an argument with a loved one, and you usually have a middle finger or two for the slow poke in front of you.

Doing In The Morning What You Could’ve Done The Night Before

If the devil is in the details, then he probably picks up his mail in the land of procrastination. Nothing holds you back in all ways of life than putting things off that can get done now.

One of the things that I did right when I was a kid was get my clothes together the night before school so I wouldn’t have think about it the next morning.

This can hold true in adult life as well. Do all of the things you now you can do the night before and watch how much more smoothly things happen in the morning.

This is the point, right? Waking Up Productive?

Waking Up Productive Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore….

Our actions precede one another. Think of the time you’ll save in the morning if you utilize the time given to you the night before. There are much more to go over but I want you to check it out for yourself and let me know your favorite one.

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