What To Do About Overwhelm And Stress?

overwhelm and stress
First, come to the realization that you’re stressed. Then you’ll have the clarity to do something about it.

Overwhelm and stress? what a question, right?

There are times when I try to really think hard before I say yes to this question. The reason is because I’m making it a point to stay in a positive mindset. A positive mindset to the point where I don’t think about my overwhelm or stress.

But that’s also where I go wrong.

While it’s not good to get caught up in stress, it’s just as detrimental to act like it doesn’t exist. You want to be authentic, upfront and real about what you deal with on a daily basis because it’s the only way you can work through it.

It’s perfectly understandable to not have it together, especially in these current times. But there should always be some kind of progression to managing your stress before it takes a complete hold of you.

That’s where you don’t want to be!


Because it can lead to a slew of other problems that you may never come back from such as: anxiety, chronic headaches, stomach ulcers, mental health issues and more.

With a change in mindset, you can make daily stress a manageable thing to deal with.

Let’s understand that stress is something that will never go away. You have to face the world and what comes with it.

Traffic is enough to drive you crazy these days, isn’t it? What about the different institutions of bureaucracy? Family issues? Yes, these are definitely elements of life that needs to be managed.

I came across this wonderful article on dealing with stress and overwhelm by Leo Babauta at Zenhabits.net.

This article was so cool because it goes into the importance getting into that point of realization and recognization about your stress.

Enjoy it! Hell, read it twice and let me know what you think!

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